SSCD Oral: Social & Behavioral Sciences


  • K. Achife, Z. Bamford, L. Breda, M. Burton, A. Holden, S. Hough, K. Izquierdo, B. Miller, L. Pankin, S. Portwood, I. Jacobs, K. Shishkin, O. Walter-Johnson, E. Zhao


Abstract headers are listed alphabetically by student last name below. You may download and read the full student research abstract(s).


“Was Your Mother Counted?”: Political Determination through Motherhood in Early Twentieth- Century Nigeria
Kosarachi Achife, 4th-Year, Anthropology & Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Francois Richard, Anthropology; Professor Emily Lynn Osborn, History; Professor Kathryn Takabvirwa, Anthropology


Do You Feel Like a Hero Yet: Military Methods of Dehumanization in Modern Shooters
Zara Bamford, 4th-Year, Political Science & Creative Writing
Mentor(s): Professor Patrick Jaqoda, English, Weston Game Lab


“White Bread,” Famines and Sixteenth-Century Italian Dietetics
Lena Breda, 4th-Year, History, Italian
Mentor(s): Professor Paul Cheney, History


Native Truths: Co-Curating a Dynamic Native North American Hall
Miles Burton, 3rd-Year, Anthropology
Mentor(s): Dr. Alaka Wali, North American Anthropology, The Field Museum of Natural History


Representation of Syrian Refugees in Austrian Newspapers: New(s) Frames Since 2015
Alexandra (Lexie) Holden, 4th-Year, Political Science & Germanic Studies, Human Rights
Mentor(s): Dr. Colin Benert, Germanic Studies


Visibility, Invisibility and Distortion: An Examination of Current Discourses Regarding Animals
Sarah Hough, 4th-Year, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts, Music
Mentor(s): Professor Heather Keenleyside, English


Hold Up, We’re Saying YES to Brujas: A Santería Phenomenon
Kristen Izquierdo, 4th-Year, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Visual Arts Mentor(s): Professor Salomé Skvirsky, Cinema and Media Studies


“Try this Experiment:” Empowering Black Female Reformers at Washington’s National Training School for Girls
Bennett Miller, 2nd-Year, History
Mentor(s): Professor Adam Rowe, History


Tibetan Antelopes in the Bordeaux Vineyard: Chinese Capital and French Cultural Capital in the Wine Industry, 2000 - Present
Lauren Pankin, 4th-Year, Global Studies & French Literature
Mentor(s): Professor Francois Richard, Anthropology; Jamie Countryman, Global Studies


Attitudes toward LGBTQ+ Persons: (Un)Changing Views among Iranian-Americans
Sarah Portwood, 4th-Year, Global Studies, Comparative Human Development, & Spanish
Mentor(s): Professor Franklin Lewis, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Moira O’Shea, Sociology


Public Outreach and the Community Museum: Engaging Local Communities in Archaeological Conservation and Research
Iris Jacobs, 4th-Year, Anthropology & History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS), Visual Arts
Mentor(s): Dr. Maria Cecilia Lozada, Anthropology and Romance Languages and Literatures


Euromaidan: The Sociopolitical History of the Revolution
Kirill (Kyle) Shishkin, 3rd-Year, Fundamentals & Economics, Philosophy Mentor(s): Professor Malynne Sternstein, Slavic Studies, Fundamentals


Spatializing Kinship: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of West African Immigrant Kinship Networks in Affordable Housing Cooperatives
Oluwafikunayomi (Fikayo) Walter-Johnson, 4th-Year, Sociology
Mentor(s): Professor Kristen Schilt, Sociology


(Re)Orienting Desire: Western Queer Subjectivity under Chinese Authoritarianism
Evan Zhao, 4th-Year, Sociology & MAPSS, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Mentor(s): Professor Kimberly Kay Hoang, Sociology