HCD Oral: Humanities


  • S. Ali, A. Archacki, R. Brosnan, S. Clark, P. Del Toro, A. Frank, E. Frank, D. Harmon, C. Holland, H. Kupferschmid, J. Mandel, L. Needham, N. Ornstein, M. Ouimet, N. Romeu, E. Stevens, S. Strecker, M. Wang, R. Wehrle, A. Whitney, A. Wolf, C. Wu, M. Xu, H. Zhou


Abstract headers are listed alphabetically by student last name below. You may download and read the full student research abstract(s).


Anna Mendelssohn, Avant-Garde Poetess Maudite
Soulet Ali, 4th-Year, Philosophy & English, Creative Writing
Mentor(s): Professor Sara Crangle, English, University of Sussex


A Cartesian Charybdis: Vortex Theory and the Circulation of Knowledge
Annabella Archacki, 4th-Year, History and Philosophy of Science
Mentor(s): Professor Chris Kennedy, Linguistics


Materiality in Art: Planning a Student Symposium at the Smart
Rafaela Brosnan, 4th-Year, Art History & Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Mentor(s): Issa Lampe, Smart Museum of Art, Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry


Security, Resilience, and Crisis: Forms of the City in the Age of Climate Change
Sam Clark, 3rd-Year, Urban Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Chris Kennedy, Linguistics


“After it Happened, President Bush Told Us All to Go Shopping:” Immigrant Subjectivity and Capitalist Crisis in Ling Ma’s Severance (2018)
Paola Del Toro, 4th-Year, English Language and Literature
Mentor(s): Professor Adrienne Brown, English


Art in the Anthropocene
Amelia Frank, 4th-Year, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, Visual Arts Mentor(s): Professor Benjamin Morgan, English


Politeness in British Public Smoking Signage
Eleanor Frank, 4th-Year, English
Mentor(s): Professor Lynne Murphy, Linguistics, University of Sussex


Etymology and Expression: Vergil in Translation
Donald (Don) Harmon, 2nd-Year, Classics
Mentor(s): Professor Sarah Nooter, Classics; Anne Janusch, Creative Writing


The Gothic Corpse: Womanhood, Personhood, and Society in Elizabeth Bowen’s “Look at All Those Roses”
Claire Holland, 4th-Year, English Language and Literature & Political Science
Mentor(s): Professor Rachel Galvin; English, Comparative Literature, Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture


Impacts of the Rising Female Amchi Population on Tibetan Medicine in Nepal
Hannah Kupferschmid, 4th-Year, Global Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Sean Dowdy, Anthropology


Cybernetic Flux: Hélio Oiticica’s Parangolé Capes and the Construction of Reality
Jonathan Mandel, 4th-Year, Art History & Philosophy and Allied Fields
Mentor(s): Professor Megan Sullivan, Art History; Hanne Graversen, Art History


Cell Theory, Evolution, and the Secret of Sex, 1865-1945
Laura Needham, 4th-Year, Neuroscience & Art History
Mentor(s): Dr. Natalia Cecire, English, University of Sussex


Expertise Without Experience: Can Computers Be Artists?
Nicholas (Nick) Ornstein, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience, Media Arts and Design
Mentor(s): Professor Chris Kennedy, Linguistics


From Clay to Computer: Digitizing the Oriental Institute’s Cuneiform Tablet Collection
Madeline Ouimet, 2nd-Year, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Archaeology Track)
Mentor(s): Professor Susanne Paulus, Assyriology, Oriental Institute


Inheriting Infidelity: A Psychoanalytic Examination of Post-WWII American Literature
Nicole Romeu, 4th-Year, English
Mentor(s) Professor Deborah Nelson, English


How to Do Kings with Words: Bodies Politic and Performer in Shakespeare’s Richard II
Emily Stevens, 4th-Year, English, Theatre and Performing Studies
Mentor(s) Professor Noémie Ndiaye, English; Sophia Sherry, English 


Metaphors of Communication in Martin Luther’s Postils
Serena Strecker, 4th-Year, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, Germanic Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Christopher Wild, Germanic Studies


Narrating Economic Crises: Gone Girl as a Commentary on Economic Behavior
Melanie Wang, 4th-Year, English
Mentor(s): Professor Elaine Hadley, English


Flowing Past the Feminine: Molecular Becoming and Secrets in Finnegans Wake
Renee Wehrle, 3rd-Year, English Language & Literature, Creative Writing
Mentor(s): Professor Maud Ellmann, English Language and Literature


Language, Community, and Authority: Bilingual Signage in Hegewisch
Anna Whitney, 3rd-Year, Linguistics
Mentor(s): Professor Amy Dahlstrom, Linguistics


As Eve, So All Women: Patriarchal Biases in Interpretations of Genesis 2-3
Alexis Wolf, 4th-Year, Comparative Literature & Jewish Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Simeon Chavel, Hebrew Bible, Divinity School


The Beauty of Co-Curation: Contemporary Art in the Field Museum’s New Native American Hall
Chin Ying Wu, 3rd-Year, Art History & Chemistry
Mentor(s): Dr. Alaka Wali, North American Anthropology, Field Museum


The Performing Gender in Nabokov’s Lolita
Mingxin (Ming) Xu, 4th-Year, English, Theater and Performance Studies
Mentor(s): Professor Malynne Sternstein, Fundamentals


May the Gods Curse Him—A Comparative Analysis of Illocutionary Acts in Greek and Luwian Curses
Huaxi Zhou, 4th-Year, Classics
Mentor(s): Professor Sofía Torallas-Tovar, Classics