SSCD Poster: Social & Behavioral Sciences


  • L. Al, N. Aoki, K. Boggs, J. Bowman, E. Higgins, S. Kierstead & L. Geng, Y. Kim, A. Klein, R. Knapp, D. Labrousse, T. Lakhtakia, G. LaMear, S. Mouzaoir, R. Nazeer, G. Ramos, E. Salamanca, N. Sharma, M. Wolfson


Abstract headers are listed alphabetically by student last name below. You may download and read the full student research abstract(s).


#Eritrea|n: Making and Contesting Eritrean Political Subjectivity Across the Digital Diaspora
Layla Al, 4th-Year, Global Studies, Human Rights
Mentor(s): Dr. Owen Kohl, Anthropology; Dr. Maliha Chishti, Public Policy, The Pearson Institute


Does Variation in Speech Production Impact Acoustic Cue Weighting in Speech Perception?
Nicholas Aoki, 3rd-Year, Linguistics, Statistics
Mentor(s): Dr. Jinghua Ou, Linguistics, Phonology Laboratory; Professor Alan Yu, Linguistics, Phonology Laboratory


What's In a Name? Effects of Categories Versus Norms on Children’s Openness to Unfamiliar Foods
Katherine Boggs, 2nd-Year, Psychology
Mentor(s): Dr. Hyesung Grace Hwang, Psychology


A Walk In the Park Or a Day at the Mall: The Effects of the Environment on Affect and Impulsivity
Jillian E. Bowman, 4th-Year, Psychology
Mentor(s): Professor Marc G. Berman, Psychology; Kathryn E. Schertz, Psychology


Impact of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Airway Inflammation in Individuals with Asthma
Estelle Higgins, 4th-Year, Psychology & Comparative Human Development
Mentor(s): Dr. Melissa A. Rosenkranz, Psychiatry, Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dr. Richard J. Davidson, Psychology, Psychiatry, Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Professor Greg J. Norman, Psychology


A View From the Oval Office: Insights From the Presidential Daily Brief, 1961-1977
Sophia Kierstead, 4th-Year, Political Science
Lucia Geng, 3rd-Year, Political Science
Mentor(s): Professor Austin Carson, Political Science


Wise Reasoning Project
Yena Kim, 3rd-Year, Psychology
Mentor(s): Professor Howard Nusbaum, Psychology, Center for Practical Wisdom; Professor Boaz Keysar, Psychology; Dr. Tamera Schneider; CUNY


Oops, I Did It Again: Children’s Third Party Evaluations and Perceptions of Apology’s Communicative Nature and Recidivist Implications
Abbie Klein, 4th-Year, Psychology & Comparative Human Development, Human Rights
Mentor(s): Professor Alex Shaw, Psychology, Center for Early Childhood Development, Developmental Investigations of Behavior and Strategy Laboratory; Benjamin Morris, Center for Early Childhood Development, Developmental Investigations of Behavior and Strategy Laboratory


Politics in My Good Christian Suburbs: How a Weakened Christian Right Failed to Overcome the Suburban Chicago’s 2018 Blue Wave
Ridgley (Ridge) Knapp, 4th-Year, Public Policy Studies, Religious Studies
Mentor(s): Dr. Sorcha Brophy, Public Policy Studies; Sol Lee, Public Policy Studies; Professor Curtis J. Evans, Religious Studies


Forgiveness: The Effects of Mental Health Diagnostic Labels on Transgressions
Daniel Labrousse, 4th-Year, Psychology
Mentor(s): Professor Alex Shaw, Psychology, Developmental Investigations of Behavior and Strategy Lab


Seeing Green: The Restorative Effect of Natural Environments on Visual Attention
Tanvi Lakhtakia, 4th-Year, Psychology & Neuroscience
Mentor(s): Professor Marc G. Berman, Psychology, Environmental Neuroscience Lab; Kathryn (Kate) E. Schertz, Integrative Neuroscience, Environmental Neuroscience Lab


Maximum Pressure, Minimal Impact: How Hezbollah Can Survive Without Iran
Geoffrey LaMear, 4th-Year, Political Science & Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Mentor(s): Professor Robert Pape, Political Science


When the Going Gets Tough: Investigating Childhood Academic Resilience through Expressive Writing
Samuela Mouzaoir, 4th-Year, Psychology & Comparative Human Development, Education & Society
Mentor(s): Professor Lindsey Richland, School of Education, University of California Irvine; Almaz Mesghina, Comparative Human Development


Decision Making for Children Higher Education: Understanding the Effect of Chicago Neighborhood Residence in Relation to Decision Making Processes about Children’s Higher Education
Rimsha Nazeer, 4th-Year, Economics & Public Policy
Mentor(s): Samantha Steinmetz, School of Social Service Administration


Theorizing American “Naming and Shaming” of NATO Allies
Giácomo Ramos, 2nd-Year, Political Science & Anthropology
Mentor(s): Professor Rochelle Terman, Political Science


Democracy in the Age of Plutocracy and Pluralism
Emily Salamanca, 4th-Year, Political Science & Romance Languages and Literatures (Italian)
Mentor(s): Professor John P. McCormick, Political Science


Mapping the Politics of the New Global South
Neeraj Sharma, 2nd-Year, Economics Major, Quantitative Social Analysis
Mentor(s): Professor Mark Bradley, History, Pozen Family Center for Human Rights


The Potentials of Altruism in Children: Children's Willingness to Place Themselves in Harm's Way for the Sake of Others
Margaret Wolfson, 3rd-Year, Psychology, English and Creative Writing
Mentor(s): Professor Fan Yang, Psychology