PSCD Poster: Physical Sciences & Mathematics


  • C. Albert, C. Christ, K. Downey, S.Narayanan, A. Rivkin, M. Seebald, I. Sierra


Abstract headers are listed alphabetically by student last name below. You may download and read the full student research abstract(s).


The Size to X-ray Luminosity Relationship of Galactic Supernova Remnants
Christopher (Chris) Albert, 2nd-Year, Astrophysics, Mathematics, & Computational and Applied Mathematics
Mentor(s): Professor Vikram Dwarkadas, Astronomy and Astrophysics


Fast Inference for Gravitational Lensing Classification with LSST
Callista Christ, 4th-Year, Physics & Astrophysics
Mentor(s): Professor Brian Nord, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Searching for Infrared Galaxies in the MUSE Sky Survey’s Optical Data
Kathryn Downey, 2nd-Year, Astrophysics
Mentor(s): Professor Hanae Inami, Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Science


Density Under Invertible Hölder Continuous Mappings in R^m
Srihari Narayanan, 2nd-Year, Mathematics, Astrophysics
Mentor(s): Professor Jon Peter May, Mathematics; Professor Marianna Csörnyei, Mathematics; Nixia Chen, Mathematics


Multidimensional Database Reconstruction from Range Query Access Patterns
Adam Rivkin, 3rd-Year, Computer Science
Mentor(s): Professor David Cash, Computer Science


Control over Intracellular Signalling using Bioelectronic Devices
Matthew Seebald, 3rd-Year, Chemistry
Mentor(s): Professor Bozhi Tian, Chemistry


Diffuse Interstellar Bands
Isaac Sierra, 2nd-Year, Astrophysics
Mentor(s): Professor Donald York, Astronomy and Astrophysics