PSCD Poster: Computing & Engineering


  • C. Cuesta Arcentales, M. Dasgupta, J. Li, D. Shifrina & M. Goyal & J. D. Zane


Abstract headers are listed alphabetically by student last name below. You may download and read the full student research abstract(s).


Expanding the Indigenous Digital Footprint: Technology Access and Opportunity for Natives in the U.S. Camila Cuesta Arcentales, 4th-Year, Computer Science, Astronomy & Astrophysics
Mentor(s): Professor Sanjay Krishnan, Computer Science


Statistical Assertions for Debugging in Qiskit
Maitreyee (Emma) Dasgupta, 3rd-Year, Mathematics, Physics
Lia Yeh, 4th-Year, Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara Mentor(s): Professor Margaret Martonosi, Computer Science, Princeton University; Professor Stephen Lyon, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University


Quasi-Neural Network: Learning Epistatic Relations and Phenotype-Genotype Interactions
Jin Li, 2nd-Year, Computer Science & Math
Mentor(s): Professor Ishanu Chattopadhyay, Medicine


Creating a Heat-Dissipating Silicone Addition to Wearable Devices for Hobbyists
Daria Shifrina, 2nd-Year, Computer Science, & Linguistics
Medha Goyal, 4th-Year, Physics
Jacob Douglas Zane, 4th-Year, Computer Science
Mentor(s): Professor Pedro Lopes, Computer Science